Are you at work but you don't fancy that simple cheese sandwich for lunch, yet again? Are you at home and are you craving for a proper lunch?

Starting Thursday November 19th, you can come and get one of the delicious meals at Bistro Berlage – To Go! Restaurant quality at your home (or at work). You can easily come to our Bistro, daily between 11am and 6pm, place your order and within five minutes you can take your delicious meal with you.

Of course you miss the atmosphere and cosiness at our Bistro, but this is how you take a little bit of Bistro home with you, until we can open again and properly pamper you.


The To Go menu contains delicious dishes as you are used to from us. A number of classics have been on our menu for a number of years. But we also have a number of newcomers who will appear on our new menu at the end of the year.

How about a Shabu sandwich, thinly sliced steak with fried onions, au gratin with cheese, with jus de veau. Or delicious toast with fried mushrooms, onions, Gruyère and salad. Hmmmm mouthwatering!

Have a look at the other tasty dishes you can take home with you.