Turn your moment into an unforgettable experience at Bistro Berlage.

Do you dream of a table in the bustling heart of Amsterdam, where history and culinary refinement go hand in hand? At Bistro Berlage, every meal is a journey through the rich flavors that our city has to offer. Book your spot now via our user-friendly form below, or feel the personal touch by giving us a call at 020 – 530 41 46. We are ready to welcome you with open arms! 


Got something to celebrate with more than 10 people? Whether it’s a birthday, a family gathering, or just a reason to be together, Bistro Berlage offers the perfect ambiance. For group reservations of more than 10 people, we invite you to contact us. Call us at 020 – 530 41 46 or fill in our form via the link below so we can work together to make your gathering unforgettable with our special arrangements. 

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